Hey there, TechNoir Astronauts! Buckle up as we blast off into the thrilling adventures of World Space Week 2023. This year's theme? "Space and Entrepreneurship." It's all about shining a spotlight on the booming commercial space industry and the rising tide of opportunities for space-savvy entrepreneurs.

Space Entrepreneurship: The New Frontier

Thanks to tech advancements, miniaturization, and falling launch costs, reaching for the stars isn't just for big-shot corporations anymore. Small businesses can now build and launch satellites, and innovative entrepreneurs are delivering game-changing data products for governments and industries.

Here at TECHNOIRCANDY, its always Space week mixed with Cyber Noir. As we plug away on our Spacepunk fashion boutique movie "Eat Stars for Breakfast" we're fueled by the innovative spirit that's propelling the space industry forward. šŸš€.

Igniting the Next Generation's Passion

World Space Week 2023 has a mission: to inspire students across the globe to dive into STEM and business. This gives space companies a shot at recruiting the talent they need for the expanding commercial space industry1. It's also the perfect platform for crucial discussions about transitioning Low Earth Orbit to a more entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Looking up at the stars, we're reminded of the boundless potential within us all. Whether you're an aspiring space entrepreneur or a committed fashion devotee, there's room for you on this exhilarating journey.

Party in Space, Together

The growth of World Space Week reflects the widespread acceptance of this synchronized time to celebrate space, fire up students with space-inspired learning, and promote space programs, policies, and organizations. With over 1,000 space-related organizations joining in the celebration, World Space Week has truly become a global sensation.

So, Space Wanderers, as we throw our party for World Space Week 2023, let's remember that we're all part of this incredible cosmic journey. Whether we're venturing into the furthest corners of the galaxy or pushing the envelope in fashion, we're all astronauts charting our own path in the universe.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our Spacepunk fashion boutique movie TECHNOIRCANDY: Eat Stars for Breakfast and remember: Ad Astra!


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