Sugar Rush in the Virtual Wonderland

Sugar Rush in the Virtual Wonderland


Time is a construct we place on our lives ⌛

As we search for meaning and reason to strive 🏃‍♀️
Space surrounds us, vast and unexplored 🌌
A reminder of what we have yet to record ✍🏼

Electricity powers our world, igniting our potential ⚡
Sparking our creativity, making us influential 👥👥👥
Holograms that flicker in the air ✨
A glimpse of the future we have yet to share🪄

Love is electric, a charge that ignites🪄💖🪄
A spark that glows, in the darkest nights🌟
Transcendence takes us beyond the physical
To a place where the mind becomes critical

Simulated reality surrounds us, it seems
A world of code and dreams 🧑‍💻
But behind the illusion, a truth lies in wait🪞
A choice we must make to change our fate

The Matrix we exist in, a web of binary code🌐🕸️🌐
A game we play, with rules that abide by no moral code🤝
A path to freedom, a journey to a higher abode.


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