About the TechNoirCandy brand

Fashion has always been a way to express oneself, but what happens when the line between fashion and art becomes blurred?

For many of us, it's difficult to imagine that there is anything more than just clothes, but for some people, their outfits are an extension of themselves; they're not just wearing clothing- they're wearing art on their bodies. What does this mean for the future of fashion?
The TechNoirCandy brand focuses on creating wearable art with futuristic aesthetics. The pieces designed start from various mediums including illustration, animation, film production and graphic design.

The hope is to create garments that will be worn as both functional items as well as works of art.
These pieces have an ethereal quality with solid premium wear structure for beauty, form and function.

TechNoirCandy is a fashion label that merges modern design with the future. We combine futurism to create dreams of transcendence and cool fuchsia, starry nights in between game grids for an elegant vibe no matter what you're wearing!

The fashion world is a minefield of labels, logos and trends. The rise in popularity for the cyberpunk aesthetic has been one of the more recent developments, with many designers drawing from this style to create their collections. TechNoirCandy is a brand created by one woman that draws inspiration from both the darkly glamorous vision of future cities found in sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Ghost In The Shell as well as pop culture's obsession with all things gothic and punk rock with a background of Metaphysics.

It takes these two elements and blends them together into an eclectic mix to dress the Transcendent Human.

If you're looking for some edgy clothing to add to your wardrobe then head on over to https://www.technoircandy.com
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