Lunar Eclipse May 5th, 2023

Lunar Eclipse May 5th, 2023

F O L L O W • Y O U R • A w a k e n i n g 🐇

"Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.”
🗣️Carl Jung

All hail the mystical May Flower Full 🌕 & Lunar Eclipse in transformative Scorpio - a magical event that is said to bring out and reveal our deepest secrets that need our sincere evaluation. Shaking us to our core with electrifying change.

Now is the time for passionate journeys over material possessions; let go of your old baggage, ignite those intentions, and get ready for an incredible journey as you reach towards transformation. I am undertaking a complete overhaul of systems, removal of clutter (hard matter & energy) reorganizing & releasing. What areas in your systems or pathways could use a shake up and reset❓

If you harness this particular 🌕 energy with intention and let go what doesn't "spark joy" you are sure to be ⚡ZAPPED⚡ with electrifying change as you set foot on a new journey of growth & transcendence.

✨Pardon my glitch dust✨... This Spring has packed quite a punch, but here comes the 🌞.
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