AMOR FATI Collection

aesthetic fashion analog vibes cherub cupid shirt cyberpunk glitch clothing noirvember rash guarr spacepunk sustainable fashion t shirt tech noir vegan based

A M O R 🖤 F A T I

"Be in Love with your Life, every minute of it.°
🗣️Jack Kerouac°

The Amor Fati Collection features a universal sweater, UPF 50+ crop top and all over premium tee... Featuring the black winged cherub "Radiance" from a recent NFT collection in black tones, oil spill and analog vibe glitches.

Handmade responsibly with eco loving technology including waterless Direct to Garment print and premium vegan based materials.

🌱As always all pieces are created sustainably for the Transcendent Human.🐬

All illustration, NFT, AI, Glitché Edits copyright TECHNOIRCANDY.


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